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Maine Weather Summary

Maine Seasons and Weather Overview

When planning a trip to Maine, it is handy to know what to expect any time of year. The summary below will help you decide what to bring and when might be a good time to visit Maine for different activities. In the winter and spring months there can be variables such as fast-moving weather or road closings, especially on secondary roads. Ask us about ME Weather or share your Maine comments. To feature your Maine business in Maine’s Internet Magazine, contact us.

Maine Weather Summary

Summer is usually pleasantly warm. This is the average, but the average is made up of several extremes. Usually the daily high for July averages in the mid 70s, but several days are humid and in the 80’s. Once in a while, Maine will feel days in the 90’s. Variety is the key when it somes to summer weather because there will also be days in the 60s and an occasional day in the 50s.


Fall brings temperatures that are cooling down considerably. Fall folliage season starts right around the first of October. Frost can hit before the end of the month because temperatures average at least ten degrees colder than July. October nights can be just plain cold. By the end of October, the average temperature low is right around freezing.


Winter is cold and snowy, and the wind can blow. Sheltered valleys don’t see much of the wind, but can experience temperature extremes lower than that of uplands. If it is 10 below zero farenheit on the upper slopes of the valley, it might be 20 or even 25 below down in the river bottom. These extreme differences occur during still nights when there is no wind to mix up the air masses. Temperatures along the coast tend to be a bit more moderate, although the stiff sea breeze often make it feel colder.


Spring is a time where the temperatures start to rise and that brings Maine’s fifth season, MUD season. Mud season can sometimes begin in March and last until May. Road bans are imposed and the mud can get so deep that vehicles cannot travel the roads! Spring also brings many birds back to their coastal nesting grounds, and the roads along shores and beaches come alive with an assortment of seabirds traveling back to their summer habitat.


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