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Maine, one of the six New England states, and the largest, experiences a wide variety of weather and some of the widest differences in temperature in New England. Because of its size and extensive coastline, Maine’s weather can differ from region to region. Interior Maine has long, snowy winters, temperatures that drop below zero and a very impressive mud season as well. Winters in coastal Maine are cold but generally, not frigid. January temperatures can range from 5 to 31 F.

What to expect: Maine’s weather is highly changeable. It can go from sunny to stormy in a short period of time. Generally, summers are cool, with highs in the upper 70s or low 80s. Expect sweater weather most summer nights, even along the coast because the sea breezes there can feel quite cool. Chagning elevation also plays a large part in weather patterns throughout the state of Maine, as does proximity to the ocean and large lakes which tend to moderate temperatures.

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Maine Monthly Average Temperatures

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Highs 24 29 39 51 64 72 77 76 67 56 43 30
Lows -3 8 19 30 42 52 57 56 47 36 26 12
Average 15 19 29 41 53 62 67 66 57 46 35 21

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