Maine Mining Adventure

Dig Maine: Unearth Maine’s Famous Rare Minerals & Rocks

Mane MiningMaine is home to many fascinating outdoor journeys, but not many individuals come to Maine to go on a treasure hunt. Maine is famous for its deposits of tourmaline, beryl, and other assorted rare minerals. It takes hard work and patience, but lucky is the individual who finds one of these precious minerals in their mining adventure. Ask us about ME Mining or share your Maine Mining comments. To feature your Maine Maple business, contact us.

Maine Mining & Rock Collecting

There are a few important things to do before choosing and visiting a mining destination. With any trip, preparation is very important. The most important step to take is to obtain permission to explore and mine a property. Many old mining locations are now privately owned, so be sure to respect the land owners.

Be prepared for your exploration.
Different tools will be required depending on what minerals you are looking for. The most common tools used are a rock hammer and chisel. A carpenters hammer should not be used because they are too light and may cause dangerous metal fragments, or even break in two. A small foldable shovel may also prove useful at mining dump sites. Mining takes a lot of work and a lot of patience, so be sure to pack plenty of water (for drinking and washing potential finds) and sufficient food. Appropriate apparel for mining should be similar to a hiking trip. Good mining locations often require small expeditions into the wilderness.

BerylOnce you have reached your chosen destination, there are a few different techniques you can try out. One of the easiest ways is simply digging through mining dumps. Turning over small boulders, and digging down though rock debris can yield great results. Use caution and be aware of others when digging holes and dislodging rocks. Falling or tumbling debris is very dangerous. Another effective method is tapping and chiseling. Be careful when trying to dislodge a specimen with a chisel or rock hammer. Often times minerals can be very brittle (especially black tourmaline).

When you make a find, most likely your desired mineral will be encased within another rock structure. You can either pack the specimen away as is, or to reduce pack weight you can attempt to chip away some of the extra rock. Some finishing touches will most likely be needed later to get your desired result. Once you leave an area, make sure to respect the land and not leave any garbage behind.

Mining can be very exciting, especially when you come across a find. Even if you do not find anything, you will most likely find the adventure into the Maine wilderness through interesting terrain to be a unique and exciting endeavor.

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