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downeast maine lighhousesDowneast Maine Lighthouses are among the most photographed in the world. Maine visitors can often be found taking pictures of Maine’s Harbor Lights. Each historic lighthouse has it’s own unique history and personality. Ask us about Maine Lighthouses or share comments. To feature your Maine business, contact us.

Acadia Maine Ligthouses

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Baker Island Light
Cranberry Isles: This lighthouse is located on the South West entrance to Frenchman Bay. It was built in 1828 and rebuilt 27 years later. This tower is now unattended. It is a 43 foot white stone cylindrical tower.

Bass Harbor Head Light
Tremont: This lighthouse stands 56 feet above mean water and marks the entrance to Bass Harbor. Located at the southern end of Mount Desert Island. Can be viewed from the end of Lighthouse Road off Route 102A. It was built in 1858 and is accessible by car.

Bear Island Light
Cranberry Isles: This lighthouse marks the Southeast entrance to Northeast Harbor. It was built in 1839 and rebuilt in 1889. 25 foot, white, cylindrical-shaped tower.

Blue Hill Bay Light
Blue Hill Bay: This lighthouse was built in 1856 as a cylindrical tower that stands at 22 feet. Inactive

Burnt Coast Harbor Light
Southport: This marks the most southern tip of Swan Island and was built in 1872. A 33 foot white square tower. A Brick oil house was added in 1895. Access is by boat only (Bass Harbor).

Dice Head Light
Castine: This light is located on the Northside of the entrance to Castine Harbor. It was built in 1829 and rebuilt in 1935. It was retired in 1935 and was replaced by a skeleton tower in 1937.

Eagle Island Light
Deer Isle: The conical, 30-ft granite tower of this lighthouse was built in 1838, with an oil house added near the end of the century. More structures were added in 1902.

Egg Rock Light
Winter Harbor: This lighthouse was built on a rock 64 feet above average water level. This white square tower stands at the entrance to Frenchman Bay. This is a nice attraction for sight-seeing boats out of Bar Harbor.

Great Duck Island Light
Frenchboro: This white tower is a well known landmark. It is located southeast of Mount Desert Rock Light and stands 67 feet above average high water. It was built in 1890.

Isle Au Haut Light
Isle Au Haut: This tower was built in 1907 and has gray granite on the bottom with white brick on top and stands 48 feet high. A beautiful wooden bridge connects the lighthouse to the shore. Ferry available.

Libby Island Light
Machiasport: This lighthouse was built in 1817 at the entrance of Machias Bay. It is built of 42 feet of white granite in a conical shape. Located on Southwest Island.

Little River Light
Cutler: This lighthouse was built in 1847 on Little River Island. This lighthouse is a conical cast-iron tower that stands 41 feet above the ground. Located on Little River Island, entrance to Cutler Harbor. It was rebuilt in 1975. It is accessible by boat only.

Lubec Channel Light
Lubec: This light is located in the Lubec Channel and is operated by the US Coast Guard. The lighthouse was built in 1890 and its white flashing light is used as a welcome sight to ships in the channel. 53 foot, white, conical tower. Access is by boat only.

Mark Island Light
Stonington: The lighthouse was built in 1857 and keepers quarters were built later. Fire destroyed the quarters, but the tower remains intact. It was solarized in 1985. 26 foot white square tower. West entrance to Deer Island Thorofare.

Moose Peak Light
Jonesport: Built in 1927, this lighthouse controls more fog than any other location on the East Coast. The tower stands 72 feet above mean high water. Located on the southeast end of Mistake Island.

Mount Desert Rock Light
This is the most isolated lighthouse in New England because of its location 26 miles away from the mainland. The light is now automatic. It is built in 1830 of gray granite in a conical shape standing at 58 feet high.

Narraguagus (Pond Island) Light
Narraguagus Bay: This lighthouse was built in 1853 out of white stone. It was built in a cylindrical shape and stands at 55 feet above the ground. Located by the west side entrance to Narraguagus Bay.

Nash Island Light
Addison: This lighthouse is located on the East side of the mouth of Pleasant Bay. It was built in 1838 and rebuilt in 1873. The tower is 30 feet, white, square. The light is now abandoned.

Petit Manan Light
Milbridge: The present tower on this lighthouse is 119 feet in height which gives it the title of the second-highest in the state. This conical tower is built out of gray granite. Located near the west side entrance to Harrington Bay.

Prospect Harbor Point Light
Gouldsboro: Located on the tip of Prospect Harbor Point, this lighthouse is white and black and was built in 1850. Can be viewed from Route 186.

Pumpkin Island Light
Deer Isle: This tower was constructed in 1854 and automated in 1930. It is 28 feet high with a black lantern. A boathouse and brick oil house was added in 1906. Privately owned. Located on the west end of Eggemoggin Reach. Can be viewed from the end of Eggemoggin Road off Route 15.

St. Croix Light
Calais: The keeper’s dwellings were actually built under the tower in 1856. A fire destroyed both in 1976. The light was replaced with a steel skeleton tower which is in operation today.

West Quoddy Head
Lubec: This lighthouse was built in 1808 and rebuilt in 1858. The light joins Quoddy Head State Park at the Easternmost point of the US. This lighthouse has a distinctive tower of red and white bands and stands 49 feet above ground. Accessible by car. Can be viewed at the end of South Lubec Road off Route 189

Whitlocks Mill Light
Calais: The first light was built in 1892 and replaced in 1901. Oil and storage house were constructed in 1910 and keepers quarters in 1909. The quarters are now a private home, but the lighthouse is still operational. Located in south bank, St. Croix River.

Winter Harbor Light
Winter Harbor: Was built in 1856 in a cylindrical shape and stands at 19 feet above the ground. Presently privately owned. Located on the west side of the entrance to Winter Harbor. Can be viewed from Loop Road.

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