Maine Hunting

blackbear_butnThe State of Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife prides itself on the departments “State of the Art” Bear management program. A program that endorses the use of bait, hounds, and trapping of bear. The Department reports that Maine’s black bear population is thriving. There are approximately 23,000 black bears in Maine – the largest bear population in the eastern united States and one of the largest in the nation. The department receives about 300 nuisance bear complaints annually, and claims that 3,500 to 4,000 bears need to be harvested each year. Please share your Maine hunting comments. To feature your business, contact us.

Maine Hunting

Black Bear

The black bear is the smallest of the three North American bear species and the only species found in New England. The other two being the grizzly bear, found in the north-western United States and Alaska and polar bears, found in Alaska. The weight of black bears varies considerably. Adult females seldom reach 300 pounds, but males weighing over 700 pounds have been recorded. Males seven years of age or older usually exceed 400 pounds.

Black is the predominant color of black bears in the eastern U.S. Brown or “Cinnamon” colors are much more common in the Western U.S. In both instances, the breast may have a patch of white on it.

Bears have poor eyesight but have an extraordinary sense of smell and are one of Maine’s most intelligent mammals.

The State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife now offers online hunting and fishing licenses. They call the system MOSES – which stands for Maine Online Sportsman Electronic System. MOSES will allow you to complete an online application and purchase a Maine hunting license or a Maine fishing license any time, day or night, and print your license in your home or office. The system is available to any Maine resident, non-resident or “Alien” Sportsperson looking to hunt or fish in the State of Maine.

Before heading out, remember these tips on hunting safety
Wear hunter orange: Anyone venturing into the woods whether hunting or not should wear this bright color for safety from October to December. This includes your pets! There are various accessories available in orange including bandanas, leashes, collars, and jackets.
Avoid wearing brown and white: A glimpse of white through the trees can look like a deer’s tail.

Stay on marked hiking trails: Most hunters are familiar with the location of trails, if you are hiking, stay on the established trails and don’t wander off.

Maine Hunting Dates

The State of Maine offer additional information about Maine hunting dates, rules, regulations and license requirements. Visit the State of Maine website for more information.

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